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Start: October 2023
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Program structure:
Lectures + Networking + Project weeks + Discipline Challenges


Experienced required: 1-2 years of work experience and aspiration to grow in a team lead / supervisor / manager.

  • This program is for women who want to advance in their career and build managerial and leadership skills.
  • The program is on English language.
Women Leadership

What the program is about:

Program Description

The Women in Leadership program at Creative Hub, is designed for applicants who already have 1-2 years of experience in their hands.

It prepares women for high-level management careers by immersing them in a vibrant learning environment and empowering them to think of practical applications of the management theories and disciplines.

This is a short, intensive program to develop skills and strengthen your professional profile.

Learning Goals and Objectives


  1. Master your own mind
  2. Help others shift their perspective and built a strong organization

BE EFFECTIVE MANAGER: Clearly communicate the goals that your team need to achieve, foster support independence and self-accountability

DRIVE RESULTS: a. Understand the processes to drive change and motivate people

BE ARTICULATE AND INSPIRING COACH: Deliver well-structured and compelling communications

The Experts that will lead you:


Arijana Koskarova

MBA, Entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor with more than 14+ years of experience. Program director of the Women in Leadership Academy.


Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes

CEO of Softhread, Professor at University of Miami, Country Director at WBAF, Founder at Institute for Science and Entrepreneurship and Investments

Words for our Mentors

Randall Lane Forbes

Randall Lane,
Chief Editor of Forbes Magazine

“ My life's work has brought me into contact with several extraordinary individuals, and I am pleased to say that Arijana is one of them. “

Vasil Naci Forbes

Vasil Naci,
CEO Agna Group

“ As an investor in a portfolio of companies and leaders that have trained more than 9000 employees I have utmost respect for Miss Koskarova and her original idea of creating an event such as the Balkan entrepreneurship Summit, connecting for the first time together entrepreneurs, businessman, CEO's of corporations, Economic Policy creators, VC’s, Banks from all around the Balkan and presenting the opportunity to work together towards joint solutions. “

Rakhi Voria Microsoft IBM

Rakhi Voria,
Former Executive Co-Chair of Women at Microsoft and Women at IBM

“As advocate for women and former Microsoft Women Global Co-Chair, I am always open for supporting female leaders like Arijana who have done extraordinary things in their work. When the pandemic started, Arijana reached out to me with the sole idea of creating a unique event that will shift the focus from uncertainty and fear and bring education, motivation and new hope by connecting women in marketing from all around the globe. The Women in Marketing Summit was a 3 days experience that was held virtually during the highest peak of the Covid-19. The goal of Arijana was to bring positivity and focus back, and use this time of self-isolation wisely and alongside fellow colleagues from around the world to empower more women to develop or start their careers. “

Dr. Ignrid Vasiliu Feltes WBAF

Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes,
Country Director, World Business Angels Investment Forum

“I met Miss Koskarova as one of the finalists at the GFS Miami. Her business idea won the competition as Creative Hub was selected for innovative business that is important for the economy. Without a business as Creative Hub that give opportunity to people to change and re-skill within a year we would grow disproportionately in terms of demand and supply of skilled workers.“

Dr. Anino Emuwa Founder 100 Women Davos

Dr. Anino Emuwa,
Founder 100 Women Davos

“ I met Arijana Koskarova in Davos in January 2020, where we shared the stage as panellists at the largest technology conference during the World Economic Forum, one of the world's most important gathering of world leaders.

Her presence in Davos demonstrated the high regard for her abilities and her exceptional accomplishments.

As a women's leader, I support female-led businesses and I am particularly pleased to see those that demonstrate focus and motivation to reach their goals such as hers. “

Program Structure:



  1. Applied knowledge
  2. Validate the knowledge
  3. Executive guide for sustainability plan



  1. Get an EU Certificate.
  2. Start using the knoweldge!



  1. Business community
  2. Annual conference


Applied knowledge

Semester 1: Work on yourself

Module 1: Leadership 5

  • Learn how to become a Level 5 leader
  • Learn the 3 stages of the framework of concepts: disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action
  • Envision the path of making good companies become great and sustain over time
  • Analyze what it takes for ordinary companies to become great and outperform their competitors by analyzing 28 Fortune 500 company executives and implement their leadership behavior as your own

Module 2: Еxecutive Psychology

  • Leading with Psychological Intelligence helps leaders to understand what really drives people's actions
  • Break free from limiting patterns and create a life of meaning and purpose
  • Understand how our brains process the challenges we face daily and learn neuroscience tools to help you get a handle on your emotions and become your best and most productive self

Module 3: Business communication

  • Learn the tools be able to communicate persuasively and critically in the workplace
  • Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication at the workspace
  • Practice active listening
  • Use effective communication techniques that will lead to mutual understanding
  • Learn how to set boundaries in the communication
  • Writing a business report
  • Apply emotional intelligence in the communication

Semester 2: Work on your relationship with others

Module 4: Leadership Development

  • Learn the essential skills of strategic leadership
  • How managers become leaders: shifts of perspective and resposibility
  • Cross-silo leadership
  • Time Management for executives
  • Traits of an effective executive
  • The work of Leadership
  • The job of a leader

Module 5: Women in Leadership

  • Learn how to lead with authenticity
  • Learn how to balance work life with the rest of yourself
  • Learn how to manage the gendered norms of leadership
  • See yourself as a leader
  • Increase your influence at work
  • Learn how to be noticed and get invited to important meetings
  • Learn the winning strategy of “here's-what-I-want” conversation with your boss

Module 6: Coaching of Employees

  • Steps of successful coaching
  • Improve the way you are asking questions before you dispense advice
  • Learn how to create realistic but inspiring plans for growth
  • Learn how to provide the support employees need to achieve peak performance
  • Understand the learning styles and thus help them make greater progress
  • Give your employees the feedback they will actually apply
  • Engage your employees and foster independence

Module 7: Setting up the team for success

  • Learn how to provide your team with the right tools for success
  • Learn how to communicate the company goals to your team
  • Set clear expectations on KPI’s and hold them accountable
  • Learn how to develop engagement and reward programs
  • Learn how to give effective on-the-job feedback
  • Form relationships through set of principles

Semester 3: Work on management skills

Module 8: Organizational culture

  • Work with and within your current cultural situations
  • Learn how to change behaviors and mindsets of your employees
  • Learn how to focus on critical behaviors that can be improved
  • Deploy authentic informal leaders
  • Learn how to link behaviors to business objectives
  • Learn how to demonstrate impact
  • Learn how to align programmatic efforts with behaviors

Module 9: Strategic thinking

  • Practical concepts for developing a business strategy
  • Start thinking strategically
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for your organization
  • Evaluate top and bottom performance moves, business models and strategic innovation
  • Learn how internal and external forces will affect your strategic moves
  • Identify strategic moves with the best trade-off between value creating potential and implementation risk

Module 10: Digital Transformation

  • Learn how to improve organizational processes with digital technologies like AI, data science and others
  • Align company objectives and organizational culture in delivering superior outcomes
  • Evaluate digital transformation across different aspects of the business system ( product, platforms, solutions, customers, supply chain and brand )
  • Build a skill-set you need to lead and execute an informed technology-enabled business transformation

Validate your knowledge

Project Weeks:

After each semester the students will have practical assignment to create a Research Case Study on that how would they apply the skills gained in the company that they work.

Capstone Project - Build Sustainability Plan

Your Capstone Project will give you opportunity to apply the skills from the core curriculum in a real-world business challenge and to build a sustainability strategy.


The Program concludes with a Graduation Ceremony and Executive Business networking event where best students will be awarded.

But the Academy does not end here.

Executive Women Breakfast Forum

As a program participant you will enroll in our network of business women who actively engage in improving society and empowering women through skill-share, support, partnerships and volunteering.

The next Executive Women Breakfast Forum is scheduled for October 2023.

Enroll in the Academy and get invited to this event!

Breakfast Forum

Next Cohort

Short, intensive program to develop skills in Rising Women leaders.

Enrollment for:
October 2023

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1st of Septeber 2023

Apply by:
1st of Septeber 2023

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March 2024

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January 15th 2024

Apply by:
January 15th 2024

Program Tuition

Online Self-Paced


Get recorded video sessions and watch them on your own time.


All videos from Semester 1



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Just Academy


4 months, twice a week for 2 hours


Program Semesters 1 + 2


EU Certificate

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Academy + Membership


5 months, twice a week for 2 hours


Complete Program ( 1 + 2 + 3 )


Ticket for annual event


Annual Membership


Invite-only women in leadership networking sessions


EU Certificate

Apply for 500 EUR scholarship!
*Scholarships are open until August 1st, however in a limited number!

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By the end of the program, you'll be able to:


Apply the “Leadership 5” techniques


Use powerful techniques to cope with stress and work anxiety


Improve your business communication at work


Apply coaching principles when giving feedback to others


Set up strategy for effective management of your team


Build a thriving organizational culture


Apply strategies and help your company drive results


Apply Digital transformation to your company and deliver results

Ask your employer to pay for your education!

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Speak with our Academic Advisor and draft a letter in which you will explain to your employer the value of investing in your leadership education.

The highest value of your executive education will be at your company, where you will apply everything that you’ve learned at the program.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

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Mindfulness Course

Yoga and Business Management Course: Developing Mindfulness and Well-Being in the Workplace

Book by Luana Marques

Book by Dr.Luana Marques “Bold Move”, digital edition

Book by Harvard Bussiness Press

Book by Harvard Business Press - “On Women in Leadership

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