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Digital Marketing


Program start: September


Pay on 15 monthly installments 0% interest


Program structure:
Academy + Project Weeks + Hire-Me program


7 months until you start working as Digital Marketer!

Creative Hub Students
Career Booster

Career Booster

Do you see Digital Marketing as additional education for your further career advancement?

Are you already working and want to upgrade your skills?

Do you want to improve your knowledge so that you can get a raise at work?

Career changer

Career Changer

Are you dreaming of a hybrid career in future? Maybe a freelancer?

Are you ready to track your life in the way you really want, but never get enough confidence to start?

High School

High School Graduate

Are you finishing high school and you don't have an idea of what to do next?

Do you want a career that allows you to work remotely and not feel bored?

Do you want to quickly learn practical knowledge and start working immediately, without waiting for 3 years until you graduate with a University Degree?



Are you tired of feeling insecure about your abilities?

Are you constantly being rejected in job interviews?

Do you want to feel motivated to change your life starting today?

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The only Albanian tech school licensed by United States Department of Education licensed to issue American diplomas.

Do you want to earn an American diploma ?

Check the bootcamp programs at Creative Hub Miami.

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We know how important is to make the right decision about your future career, for that reason we have prepared:

Free course Introduction to
Google & FB Ads


The success formula

90 hours Instructor-led Sessions

Attend the classes and learn from the professional experience of our lecturers.

They will transfer you practical knowledge and you will get homework assignments on which they will give you feedback.

Hiring Program

Find your new job 1-3 months after graduation by following our hiring process steps.

7 x Practical Projects

Validate your knowledge through the projects that you will do at the end of every module. You will work with real companies and use real budgets to put your skills in practice.

Bonus Pack


Digital marketing bonus pack thick


Digital marketing bonus pack thick

Local Certificate

Creative Hub

Digital marketing bonus pack thick


Digital marketing bonus pack thick

US Diploma

Digital marketing bonus pack thick

EU Diploma

Additional Bonuses:

Digital marketing bonus pack thick

Freelance Course

Set up your profile and start earning online

+ 5 classes
Digital marketing bonus pack thick

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to use AI

+ 20 classes
Digital marketing bonus pack thick

Help with Job/ Internship

We will connect you with companies and help you get hired

Digital marketing bonus pack thick


Learn how to lead others

+ 3 classes
Digital marketing bonus pack thick


Learn how to set up business

+ 3 classes
Digital marketing bonus pack thick

Career Skills

Learn how to set your career for success

+ 3 classes



End Result

  • Students will be able to write compelling Ads copy
  • Students will be using the principles of Storytelling to write clickable blog posts
  • Students will be able to create clickbait content
  • Students will be able to write Ads that convert to leads

Digital Marketing Strategy

End Result

  • Design and execute comprehensive digital marketing plans through channels such as social media, search, email, and paid advertising
  • Define USP’s, value propositions, buyer persona, SMART goals and budget
  • Calculate ROI for any campaign and set up your own KPI’s
  • Digital Marketing strategy for single-campaign,
    or omni-channel marketing

SEO + Analytics

End Result

  • Students will be able to do detailed keyword research and understand keyword relevance, competition and targeting
  • Students will be able to use Technical SEO principles (crawling, indexing of websites, site speed, mobile optimization, sitemap and robots)
  • Students will be able to use Google Search Console (including to add and verify property and to identify issues on a website)
  • Students will be able to use On-Page SEO principles (content optimization, keyword research, heading structure, image optimization, meta descriptions, outbound and inbound links)
  • Students will be able to use Off-Page SEO ( link building strategy including backlinks)
  • Students will be able to analyze traffic from GA4 and UA ( set up goals and events)
  • Students will be able to create an SEO Site Audit for a given company on their own

Google Tag, Analytics + Ads

End Result

  • Students will be able to set up Google Tag on the entire website and to link the events that they want to measure in GA4 or UA
  • Students will be able to set up Search Campaigns and optimize them
  • Students will be able to set up Display Campaigns and optimize them

Facebook Ads

End Result

  • Students will be able to set up Facebook Pixel and create convertible ads using the Facebook ads manager
  • Optimize and test the ads
  • Verify a Business and use Business Manager for running ads
  • Measure the performance of the ads
  • Learn the different stages upon ad creation
  • Learn targeting & retargeting audience strategies
  • Work with different ad sets and ads

Email Marketing

End Result

  • Create Email Marketing Strategy for a client and execute it
  • Embed the Email Marketing as part of the overall digital marketing strategy
  • Automate the processes, using Email Marketing Software
  • Create lead magnets, website forms, pop ups, using Email Marketing Software and embed them on a website
  • Measure if your Email Marketing Strategy is converting leads into clients
  • Platforms you will learn: Active Campaign

7X Practical Projects

After every module students complete a practical project with industry professionals. Here is the list of all the projects that you will complete.

Practical project


Masterclass: Write your first blog post!

Practical project


Masterclass: The Ads Copy Framework!

Practical project


Real Work: Hacking Content Strategy for Kosovo Startup!

Practical project


Live Hackathon: Creative Hub x Digital Marketing Agency!

Practical project


Real Work: Work with our in-house Digital Marketing Team to launch Display Ads on Google!

Practical project


Real Work: Work with our in-house Digital Marketing Team to set Facebook Pixel and launch conversion-based Ads on Facebook!

Practical project


Real Work : Work with our in-house Digital Marketing Team to launch Email Marketing Automation Campaign!

The experts who will lead you on the way

What is happening after the Academy?

Our team has one goal, to help you get hired after Graduation!

This is why we have created the “Hire-me Program”!

After your final module you will enroll in the “Hire-me Program”!

Creative Hub Girl

Immediately after Graduation

Participate in 4 days (8 hours) with Instructor where you will:


Build your CV


Build your LinkedIn profile


Learn how to present yourself (Elevator Pitch)


Learn how to use Requirements-Skills-Value Framework to portrait your strengths


Participate in Mock Interviews


Start applying!


Personal Branding Workshop!

Start here!



Build the skills!


Real projects,
Visiting lectures!

Practice the skills!


Complete the real projects!

Validate the knowledge!


Hire-Me Program!

Start the Hiring Process!


Freelance Module!

Set up your freelance profile!


Start working!

Reach the goal!

Creative Hub Girl

Companies where our students work


Creative Hub




Municipality of

Manaferra Inc

Fluke Reliability



CEED Kosovo



American Chamber of
Commerce Kosovo Inc

Argjira’s story

Marketing student in Creative Hub, today Social Media Manager at XYZ Online Marketing Agency

Deep-dive in our
student data!

Learn more about the Career Transition of our students prior and after graduating the Academy.

Student Profile before the start of the program:


No work experience/
joined the program after graduation


Had some experience in managing social media accounts


Had some experience working as
journalist/PR/communications coordinator


Had experience in career that is not related to marketing but wanted to transition

Most common careers after graduation based on 3 years student data:


Social Media Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketer
Head of Marketing
Social Media Strategist


Communications & PR Coordinator
Communications Assistant
Content Writer
PR Specialist


SEO & Link Building


Marketing Manager


Field Marketing Specialist

Creative Hub Girl

Students Feedback

  • Creative Hub Student
    Hysni D.

    The Email Marketing module was my favorite part, as it allowed me to craft professional emails and send them to the Creative Hub audience, which I found particularly engaging and rewarding.

    Creative Hub Student
    Lartana F.

    I hold a Master's Degree in Marketing, but recognizing the ever-evolving nature of Digital Marketing, I joined Creative Hub to enhance my knowledge. During my time at the Academy, I started a new position as Marketing Specialist at Buçaj.

  • Creative Hub Student
    Blend S.

    I chose Digital Marketing as a career because I wanted to work as a freelancer and have more time to pursue my hobbies and enjoy my personal life.

    Creative Hub Student
    Asdren S.

    I'm studying Marketing and Business Administration. The reason why I chose the Digital Marketing Academy at Creative Hub is because the skills we learn here are High Value Skills.

  • Creative Hub Student
    Aurela H.

    I have been working as a Store Manager for 5 years. I chose to change my career in Digital Marketing because it offers wonderful opportunities such as remote work, freelance, etc.

    Creative Hub Student
    Fjolla K.

    What I appreciated the most about the academy: Engaging Activities, The Convenience of Online Access, Allowing Participation from Anywhere, Valuable Support from Lecturers and the Dedicated Creative Hub Team

  • Creative Hub Student
    Emin R.

    While at the academy, I got to launch my first Google ad, which reached almost 300,000 views and had a lot of clicks.

    Creative Hub Student
    Gzim K.

    My favorite part at the Academy was the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module, which happens to be one of my strengths, closely followed by Email Marketing.

  • Creative Hub Student
    Muhamet J.

    “I'm the founder of the news website “Katror”. All the skills that I’ve gained at Creative Hub, I’m using to promote my platform, and other people’s businesses through my platform.“

    Creative Hub Student
    Finesa Sh.

    “I live in Germany and I listened to the Digital Marketing Academy online. I took the Academy so I can learn how to promote my medtech product better.“

  • Creative Hub Student
    Drin A.

    “I took the Digital Marketing Academy because I wanted to learn in-detail skills about digital marketing and opening my own digital agency. Today I am co-founder of Kutiza, a digital marketing agency in Prishtina. “

    Creative Hub Student
    Suzana Sh.

    “I have worked as a social media manager for a couple of years now. I took the Digital Marketing Academy to gain future-proof skills and be a better asset for the company where I work. “

  • Creative Hub Student
    Besart P.

    “I’m a businessman. I wanted to learn Digital Marketing so I can promote my businesses by myself and not pay someone else.“

    Creative Hub Student
    Lundrim S.

    “I’m finishing my masters in English literature, but I always wanted to learn new skills and to expand my knowledge in order to be more important for the company I’m working in.“

  • Creative Hub Student
    Etnik K.

    “I was one of the very first students of Creative Hub. I trusted this academy because their program for Digital Marketing was really adequate. While I was studying there, I got hired at ASHA agency.“

    Creative Hub Student
    Liburn B.

    “I entrusted my training for Digital Marketing to Creative Hub because their program helps you gain the skills through real based projects and meet experts.“

  • Creative
                                        Hub Student
    Egzona A.

    "I have been constantly following Creative Hub on its social networks, as I was having this strong urge to shift career-vise. I felt the most withdrawn by the hackathon posts, thinking of what an amazing idea it is to organize one-day hackathons offering a combination of experiential learning, group work, and fun."

    Creative Hub Student
    Fitore Zh.

    "The workshop with Erudera was very beneficial, because it was a real company. Since I come from the finance industry and I didn't have previous experience in Digital Marketing, this workshop had its own effectiveness on me."

  • Creative Hub Student
    Arboneta L.

    “I already had a background in marketing. But since Digital Marketing is a field that’s always updating and I wanted to get a better position in my career, I enrolled in Digital Marketing academy at Creative Hub. Now, I’m head of marketing at MONUNI.“

    Creative Hub Student
    Mentor H.

    “What I liked about Creative Hub’s program is the opportunity to practice what we learned through real projects and being mentored by experts of the industry. Today I'm an Outreach Associate at Manaferra inc.“

  • Creative Hub Student
    Advan S.

    “I had a background in Copywriting. At Creative Hub I gained all the skills needed to become a good Digital Marketer and while I was at the academy I got hired at ONIMA as social media manager and content creator.“

    Creative Hub Student
    Nora K.

    “ I would suggest Creative Hub to everyone who wants to be a professional in Digital Marketing. This academy really helps you gain the right skills and it prepares you for the job market.“

  • Creative Hub Student
    Rinor R.

    “We learned a lot on B2B module, we learned a lot of good strategies that I now use while I work. One of these strategies was for B2B E-commerce.“

    Creative Hub Student
    Kozeta K.

    “I truly believe that this academy will boost my career as a marketer. After each module we become stronger.“

Graduate With a
Professional Portfolio

Complete the 7 Practical Projects and add them to your CV as digital marketing project experience.

Portfolio image


Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing professional and proud alumni of Creative Hub. During my time at Creative Hub I gained strong foundation in targeting and retargeting strategies for different channels, as well as conversion-based strategies that will lead to more clients/product sales.


Google Ads

Google Analytics

Facebook Ads

Targeting & Retargeting Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Writing

Ads Copywriting


Website Optimization

Content Strategy

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing professional and proud alumni of Creative Hub. During my time at Creative Hub I gained strong foundation in targeting and retargeting strategies for different channels, as well as conversion-based strategies that will lead to more clients/product sales.



09/ 2022

PR Campaign published on Kallxo.com

Student Project

I wrote a series of PR articles for Creative Hub using the content strategy techniques, which were published on Kallxo.com.


08/ 2022

Marketing strategy for Creative Hub

Student Project

Using the Pain-Points-Value Proposition I built user personas on Miro; later on I used this framework to develop Ads Message that we used in Social Media.


07/ 2022

Google Conversion campaign for Creative Hub US

Student Project

I did keyword research, worked on copy and launched Search Ads for the Digital Marketing Academy.


06/ 2022

E-mail marketing automation & campaign - 0 EUR spend

Student Project

Using the premium access for Active Campaign I built Email Marketing Automations and I connected it with CRM Software. I also built an entire email marketing retargeting strategy based on a 0 EUR budget.


05/ 2022

Retargeting campaign for Creative Hub Kosovo

Student Project

I worked as part of the Digital Marketing team of Creative Hub to set up Facebook Pixel events and to measure the conversions for Facebook campaigns. To improve the ads performance I used budget optimization and A/B Testing.


04/ 2022

TikTok Campaign content strategy for client

Student Project

At the workshop with Erudera AI we worked together with the CMO to create a digital marketing strategy for TikTok. The goal was to create a new social media channel for promoting Erudera AI and to advertise it to users.

Real Projects

Tiktok Video
Tiktok Video
Tiktok Video

Ask your company to sponsor your training!

Employer Sponsorship

Employees are the most valuable resource to any company! We encourage you to speak with your company and outline the skills that you will bring upon completing the program.

40% of the students that come to Creative Hub receive full or partial tuition reimbursement from the company they work in.


Choose the track that best fits your needs

Just Academy

Are you on a budget? *Ideal for Career Boosters / Unemployed People


+ All Modules

+ Hiring Course
Learn how to apply for jobs and answer interview questions.

+ Creative Hub Certificate

Duration: 8 months

or book a call with a former student

Creative Hub Student

Alumni '23

EU Certified

Best choice for people who want to continue their life in EU / work as freelancers


Everything from Just Academy + 4 additional courses ( CV, Canva, Portfolio, LinkedIn)

+ Freelancer Course

+ EU Diploma

Due to the quality of the classes this program is only open to 40 students annually.

Duration: 8 months

or book a call with a former student

Creative Hub Student

Alumni '23

US Program

Do you want an official American Diploma ?

Ideal for people who want to live or work in the United States


Everything from EU Certified + official US Diploma

Online Program *Program is on English language

Help with Internship/Job Placement * students need to have valid US work permit

Duration: 12 months

or book a call with our CEO

Creative Hub Student

Arijana CEO, Creative Hub Miami

Bonus Pack:


AI - ChatGPT for marketers Course


AI + On-page SEO Course


Linkedin Optimization Course


Canva Designs Course


How to become a Freelancer Course


CV + Portfolio Course

Gain Real-world experience through:

7 Real Projects

Individual work with your mentors
  • Individual work
  • Feedback and support from the mentors
  • Assignments to validate your skills
  • Add your projects in your CV
  • LinkedIn recommendation for the best students

Project weeks with Creative Hub marketing team

Spend real money on ads
  • Measure the return of investment on every ad that you launch with the Creative Hub marketing team
  • Gain real experience and see how the platforms work
  • Work with experienced marketer
  • Be job ready when you finish this projects

In-house Project-week with marketing agency

Work with SEO team to validate your skills
  • Real-world scenario and work in a team
  • Visiting mentors - guests from marketing agency in Kosovo
  • Meet people from the industry and start building your network
  • Spot mistakes by solving real world SEO problems
  • Add this experience to your CV

for Return on Investment

*Calculate how fast you will return the investment in your education!

Choose Academy

Starting salary

Return on Investment ( months)


Freelance Program
included in the Academy

Start working Freelance and earn money with Creative Hub Freelance Program

Creative Hub signed an exclusive partnership with Finesa Shala, top-rated Upwork freelancer. Finesa through her agency Arra Click will give opportunity to the best students to start working on projects by Arra Click.

" This is an amazing opportunity because our students will be able to start working and earning money as freelancers immediately after the Academy "

Arijana Koskarova, Creative Hub founder

Freelence program

The Diploma

In Creative Hub based on the Program Track they choose students can get Creative Hub Certificate, EU Diploma Supplement or CPD-UK Diploma.


Creative Hub Certificate
All Program Tracks

  • This is ideal for students who don’t need a particular diploma and just need to learn skills.
  • We advise students to post their Certificate on LinkedIn and to add it to their Education section for better visibility of their skills.

EU Diploma Supplement with ECTS Credits
EU Certified Program & Fast-Track Students

  • The EU Diploma supplement is following the model of the European Commission for Non-Formal Education.
  • The Diploma Supplement has information on the student, entire program, the total hours, and the ECTS credits that the student has received by completing the program.
  • Students who are planning to continue their career in the EU are advised to take this certificate.
  • This EU Diploma is accepted by Universities in Europe as additional credits to the application of the student.

US Diploma
License by US Department of Education

  • Creative Hub Academy is a licensed institution from the US Department of Education located in Miami, Florida.
  • Students that take part of the US Track can follow the program online and obtain an American Diploma.
  • This is ideal for students who wish to live and work in the US.

Speak with our
Learning Advisor

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Learning advisor

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of students that have joined the program have changed their career!

have got a salary increase after the program!

started freelance after they completed the program!

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You enroll in:


90 hours of instructor led sessions


7 X Real Projects


Hiring Program

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