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Program start: March 2024


Pay on 15 installments, 0% interest fee.


Duration: 12 months


Program structure: Academy + Project weeks + Hire-Me Program

Creative Hub Students

Back-end developers top the list of in-demand tech jobs for 2023!

€49,022 - €80,000

salary range for Back-end Developers in Europe

Every 3rd Company

in Europe needs a Back-end Developer

120,000 Unfilled Jobs

for Back-end developers In Europe

€20 - €40 per hour

is what Back-end developers earn on Upwork

What Careers You Can Do





Front-End to {Back-End} quickly and easy

                                to Backend

70% of students start with Front-end Academy and then they enroll in the Back-end Academy to add more skills to be able to earn more as they increase their value of skills.


The front end is what users see and interact with and the back end is how everything works.


The Academic Program on the Back-end Academy starts with Front-end Basics.


Even if you don't have previous Front-end knowledge, you will get it at the beginning of the program. However, we advise that you take the Front-end Academy and then you enroll in the Back- end.

300 + students have gone through Creative Hub IT Programs

The success formula

150 hours instructor led sessions

Learn from the professional experience of our lecturers. They will transfer you practical knowledge and you will get homework assignments on which they will give you feedback.

Hiring Program

Find your new job 1-3 months after graduation by following our hiring process steps.

3 Real Projects

During the Academy you will work on 3 real projects that will validate your knowledge in the field of back-end development. Additionally, you will participate in Hackatons and work together with IT companies on assignment.

But that's not all...

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The Academic Program lasts 12 months.

Week 1: Introduction to HTML
Students will learn
  • Introduction to web development and HTML
  • HTML syntax and structure
  • HTML tags and elements
  • Working with links, images, and forms
Week 2: Introduction to CSS
Students will learn
  • Introduction to CSS and its role in web development
  • CSS syntax and selectors
  • Basic CSS properties for styling HTML elements
  • Creating a basic stylesheet
  • Working with layout and positioning
Week 3: Bootstrap
Students will learn
  • How to use bootstrap
  • Layouts and Grids
  • Typo and Colors
  • Working with Forms and Inputs
  • Using Components
Week 4: Git
Students will learn
  • Create a git account
  • Installing GitHub
  • Creating a new Git repository
  • Working with Branches
  • Git pull, push, merge etc.
Weeks 5-8: Introduction to Programming and PHP
Students will learn
  • Setting up a PHP development environmentL
  • Variables, data types, operators, and expressions
  • Control structures (if/else, loops)
  • Functions and arrays
  • PHP forms and user input
Weeks 9-12: Object-Oriented Programming in PHP
Students will learn
  • Object-oriented programming concepts (classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism)
  • Implementing OOP in PHP
  • PHP exceptions and error handling
  • PHP debugging techniques
Weeks 13-16: Databases
Students will learn
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • ER Diagram
  • Indexing and data types
  • Database Relations
  • CRUD operations in PHP
Weeks 17-20: Introduction to Laravel
Students will learn
  • Introduction to Laravel framework and its features
  • Laravel installation and setup
  • Laravel application structure and directory layout
  • Routing in Laravel
Weeks 21-24: Laravel Database Management
Students will learn
  • Laravel database migrations
  • Database seeding in Laravel
  • Working with Eloquent ORM in Laravel
  • Querying data in Laravel
Weeks 25-28: Creating Simple Project with Laravel
Students will learn
  • Following MVC pattern by using blade templates
  • Creating Models, Views, Controllers
  • Using Forms and Validations
  • Learning how to research on the internet for different problems
  • Using Google, Stackoverflow, ChatGPT
Weeks 29-32: Laravel Authentication and Authorization
Students will learn
  • User authentication in Laravel (registration, login, logout)
  • Laravel authorization (using gates and policies)
  • User roles and permissions in Laravel
  • Social authentication in Laravel
Weeks 33-34: jQuery and AJAX
Students will learn
  • Short introduction to jQuery
  • Selectors and Forms
  • Using Ajax Requests
  • Data parsing
Weeks 34-37: Laravel APIs
Students will learn
  • Building RESTful APIs in Laravel
  • API authentication and security
  • API versioning and documentation
  • Consuming APIs with Laravel
Weeks 38-40: Working with Composer
Students will learn
  • What is Composer and why we need
  • Use composer package in our project
  • Install new composer package and use it
Weeks 41-44: Laravel Project Development
Students will learn
  • Developing a Laravel project from scratch
  • Applying concepts and techniques learned throughout the course
  • Planning, designing, and implementing a functional web application
  • Deploying and maintaining a Laravel project

3 Practical Projects

Throughout the Academy the students will build the following projects for their Git Portfolio.

Practical Project


Simple Project with Laravel

Practical Project


Building API's in Laravel

Practical Project


Laravel Project Development

Start applying for jobs / work as Freelancer

Job Guarantee

70% of students want to work in IT companies and 100% want to work as freelancers.

Creative Hub is the only Academy that has included in the program additional modules for Freelancer + CV.


Creative Hub

Fati Cesko


Senior PHP Developer at Frakton. More than 10 years experience with Web Applications, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery.

Senior PHP Developer at Frakton. More than 10 years experience with Web Applications, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery.

Creative Hub

Nick Jackson


Full Stack Developer @MailResponse, Harvard Graduate and founder of TechFlo, Florida Tech Community.

Full Stack Developer @MailResponse, Harvard Graduate and founder of TechFlo, Florida Tech Community.

Choose the track that best fits your needs

Just Academy


150 hours

Are you on a budget?

Ideal for Career Boosters / Unemployed / People that just need to add skills to their portfolio

+ Access to all classes

+ 6 hours Introductory Course

+ Creative Hub Certificate

+ Hire-Me Program ( Learn how to apply for jobs and answer interview questions )

Bonus Pack:


6 hours Introductory course


Freelancer Course


Project Weeks: Work with FE Team and Software Testers


Course for “How to build a CV for success?”

Course “How to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters”

Gain real-world experience through...

3 Real Projects

Individual work with your mentors
  • Individual work
  • Feedback and support from the mentors
  • Assignments to validate your skills
  • Add your projects to Git
  • LinkedIn recommendation for the best students

Joint project with Front-end and Software Testers

Work in a team
  • Practice working in a team on a project with students from the front-end and the software testing Academy
  • Get feedback from your mentor and code review
  • Add the project in Git
  • Get a certificate for participating in Hackaton

In-house Project week with US mentor

Work on a project for International company and add this to your CV
  • Real-world scenario and work on a project
  • Guest mentor from American IT company who will give you code feedback
  • Build international contacts with the IT industry and network
  • Learn tactics for job application and what senior developers are looking on job interviews

for Return on Investment

*Calculate how fast you will return the investment in your education!

Choose Academy

Starting salary

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The Diploma

In Creative Hub based on the Program Track they choose students can get Creative Hub Certificate, EU Diploma Supplement or CPD-UK Diploma.


Creative Hub Certificate
All Program Tracks

  • This is ideal for students who don’t need a particular diploma and just need to learn skills.
  • We advise students to post their Certificate on LinkedIn and to add it to their Education section for better visibility of their skills.

EU Diploma Supplement with ECTS Credits
EU Certified Program

  • The EU Diploma supplement is following the model of the European Commission for Non-Formal Education.
  • The Diploma Supplement has information on the student, entire program, the total hours, and the ECTS credits that the student has received by completing the program.
  • Students who are planning to continue their career in the EU are advised to take this certificate.
  • This EU Diploma is accepted by Universities in Europe as additional credits to the application of the student.

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