UX UI Design Academy

In order for a designer to be able to create a user-friendly app or website, first he has to understand the core of the business, ask the right questions, define the user persona, and think of a strategy for how to visually present his ideas through prototypes for the client. It includes research and then careful planning, setting up goals, and working step by step with the client. It is much more than just a design; it’s a process of executing the strategy visually, and this is what makes it a unique profession. Nevertheless, it is one of the most wanted jobs on the market!


Switching careers has never been so easy!

It doesn’t matter which field you come from or what age you are, if you are passionate about it, through our program you can gain proficiency and start your career as a UX UI Designer.


Interactive online program or in person

The program is available both online and in person. For the interactive online program, students get a link to join prior to every class. The benefit of the online program is that it is available wherever you are. If you missed a class, don’t worry, as you will also receive a video recording. These video recordings in the online program also help you go back and re-watch the same class again.


Guaranteed Internship Placement

Whether you want to intern for Creative Hub Digital Marketing Agency or you want to choose one of our partner companies, we promise that we will help you put into practice what you learn.


Guaranteed knowledge

Through the years we have had multiple cases with students where sometime they have too much work and therefore miss some of the classes. Don’t worry. Come attend the Academy again. We will give you the opportunity to take the Academy one more time for free. Here at Creative Hub, we vow to you that you will learn!
There will never be a student who can say, “I didn’t learn here.” This is our promise to you!


What will my job title be?

Many students choose to work as freelance UX UI Designers or join UX UI agencies as UX UI Designers.


Partnership network & events

Our goal at Creative Hub is not only to give you the skills from our experienced lecturers but also to connect you with peers in the UX UI World.

We are a community of UX UI Designers, and we connect you with the world.

Adobe Photoshop for Web
  • Setting up workspaces and artboards
  • Using libraries
  • Responsive design tips and tricks
  • Setting breakpoints
  • Creating navigation elements
  • Creating textures and backgrounds
  • Embedding or linking smart objects
  • Making custom templates
  • Creating reusable UI elements
  • Saving and exporting for the web
  • Using Generator


  • All HTML tags
  • All CSS properties
  • Planning a web site design
  • Semantics on the web
  • Images and hyperlinks
  • Working with page structure
  • Page layout design and planning
  • Building forms with validation
  • Building a complete website


  • Research
  • Product strategy
  • Creating user stories
  • Information architecture
  • Creating flowcharts
  • Wireframes


Adobe Illustrator for Web
  • Creating a wireframe
  • Logo design
  • Webpage mockups
  • SVGs
  • Save for the web


  • Adobe XD
  • Moodboards
  • Creating visual design language
  • Creating graphic assets
  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Documentation and handoff

In Albanian Language


• Riard Rexhepi in

Founder and Creative Director at Elunas Marketing. More than 8 years of experience in the visual design industry.


• Dimal Stubla in

Dimal is a passionate UI/UX designer and front-end developer with more than 6 years of experience. His designs and works are available online on 100+ different websites worldwide. More than 20 international companies operate with the image and brand that he created.


• Agon Cecelia in

Agon Cecelia has a long experience as a developer in different companies. He wrote his first lines of code when he was 13 and built websites, blogs, and maintained forums during high school. Agon now has co-founded NeoX LLC, and apart from being the CEO, he is also a Software Architect there.


• Arvan Berisha in

Arvan Berisha served as a Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, and Illustrator in the advertising industry for leading creative agencies for about 8 years.


• Meriton Pylla in

Meriton Pylla is a Front-End Developer and co-founder of Egothix Creative Studio. With many years of experience, he has learned to turn problems into simple, beautiful, and intuitive interface designs.

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Hit us up and we will schedule a meeting and enrol you for free if we have an active group or we will send you video recordings from sample of classes or webinars.


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Mid-term Project: Creative Hub Website

The students of the Web Design Academy created the re-design of the Creative Hub website.


Mid-term Project: Creation 2019, Redesigning 5 companies

On December 10th, we welcomed the guest lecturers from the University of Fine Arts and organized a 4-hour workshop in which the students of the Web Design and Graphic Design Academy presented the projects in front of the lecturers Barbara Prodan and Jure Miklavc, and they participated in a design thinking workshop which was held at Innofeit.

On December 11th, 2019, we concluded the final presentation of the Creathon project, which was held at the Europe House. At the event the five projects from the 15 students from the Academy of graphic design and the Academy of Web design of Creative Hub were presented as well as presentations from Barbara Prodan and Jure Miklavc from the University of Fine Arts from Ljubljana, the Slovenian Ambassador Milan Jazbec and the EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar.

During the 45-day Creathon, 15 students from Creative Hub alongside 5 students from the University of Information Technology and 10 mentors from Creative Hub worked on helping five companies which are promoting cultural tourism to improve what they offer.

The students worked on improving the design, the logo, the website, the marketing offer, the branding, and the packaging design of the companies. All of these, as well as the final products, were presented at the final event.

This project was also presented in front of the Ministries Summit 17+1 as a successful project of bilateral cooperation between the Embassy of Slovenia, the University of Fine Arts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, and Creative Hub.





Internship at Creative Hub

Two students, Dobrinka and Aleksandra, continued on to internships at Creative Hub after the completion of the program.


After-work Job Fair

Companies like Next Sense, CodeAart, Cylindo, and A1 Macedonia were at the job fair in Hotel Park organized by Creative Hub in December 2019. The job fair is exclusive for the students of the Academies, and they get the opportunity to present their portfolio and apply directly to the company of their choice.



Networking sessions with recruiters

We often invite recruiters to give tips and tricks on what they are looking for in UX UI applicants. Here is a photo of a visiting lecture with Marija Lalcevska from Frontwise Group.

Marija is also a alumna of the HR Academy.


Finish this academy and we will assist after completing the course

7 Months

Pay on 15,24,36 or 50 installments




Online Preparation Period 


Assistance with Job Placement after the Academy


International Certificate + Diploma Supplement with ECTS Credits