Human Resources Academy

Every person whose job requires working with people—and 98% of us do—should go through the HR Academy. Learning how to recruit, on-board, set a training and development program, and coach and mentor people and see how they climb the ladder of success in the organization are important skills we all should have. The HR department is nevertheless one of the most important in the organization, as it is completely focused on the most important part: the people.

Whether you work in HR or you want to develop yourself as a leader, this is the program for you.


Switching careers has never been so easy!

It doesn’t matter which field you come from or what age you are, if you are passionate about it and you focus your time and attention, you will get the right skills to start a career in human resources. It is easier when you learn from experts on the job. We have gathered top professionals to guide you and share their knowledge with you.


Interactive online program or in person

The program is available both online and in person. For the interactive online program, students get a link to join prior to every class. The benefit of the online program is that it is available wherever you are. If you missed a class, don’t worry, as you will also receive a video recording. These video recordings in the online program also help you go back and re-watch the same class again.


Guaranteed knowledge

Through the years we have had multiple cases with students where sometime they have too much work and therefore miss some of the classes. Don’t worry. Come attend the Academy again. We will give you the opportunity to take the Academy one more time for free. Here at Creative Hub, we vow to you that you will learn!
There will never be a student who can say, “I didn’t learn here.” This is our promise to you!


What will my job title be?

HR Associate, Recruiter, or Junior HR Specialist


Partnership network & events

Our goal at Creative Hub is not only to give you the skills from our experienced lecturers but also to connect you with peers in the Human Resources industry.

We are a community of HR professionals, and we connect you with others.

Legal Aspects for HR
  • Basic aspects of the legal issues in Human Resources
  • Introduction to the basic concepts and applicable legal framework of the labor law
  • Employment of foreigners, rights and obligations of the employees
  • Rights and obligations of the employers, salary, mandatory social contributions, compensation of salary and other payments
  • Termination of employment, associations of employees and employers, inspection and most common violations and amount of prescribed fines


Financial Aspects for HR Managers
  • HR Activities in each stage of the organizational life cycle
  • Human Resources Planning (process & importance)
  • How HR impacts the organizational growth
  • Creation of a strategic map – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Financial and non-financial compensations
  • Human Resources budgeting, reporting and analyses – interactive learning


Recruitment & Selection
  • The forces shaping the future of work & strategic workforce planning process
  • Future of jobs & talent management strategies
  • Link between recruitment and other employee management practices
  • What makes a great recruiter?
  • Ways to build your employer brand
  • Employee experience & hiring tools


Performance Management Process
  • Evolution of performance management
  • Basics of performance management
  • Performance management building blocks
  • Elements of performance management
  • KPI’s vs. OKR’s


Employee Engagement
  • What is employee engagement?
  • Holistic approach in the HR profession
  • A team is a group of people, but not every group is a team
  • Collective intelligence
  • Coaching


Training & Development
  • Introduction to HR development
  • Organizational learning
  • Employee orientation & talent management
  • Feedback
  • Training & facilitation
  • Management development
  • Continuous mentoring & career path training


Digital Marketing For HR
  • Building a digital employer brand
  • Basics of Facebook job posting
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • LinkedIn employee engagement tools

In Albanian Language


• Arta Koka Grubi in

Head of Human Resources and Development at IPKO Telecommunications, with more than 15 years of experience in human resources and people development. Lecturer at various universities, speaker, and mentor.


• Arta Celina in

Head of Human Resources and Training at Raiffeisen Bank, Chairman of the HR Committee at KBA, Chairman of the HR Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce, speaker, lecturer at various universities.


• Ardian Rexha in

Legal Manager at Deloitte Albania and Kosovo, skilled in corporate governance, commercial and competition law, labor law, and court litigation.


• Hana Gashi in

Human Resources Manager at Devolli Corporation, with a demonstrated history of working in consumer electronics, FMCG, and banking industry. Skilled in Change Management, Performance Management, HR Forecasting & Strategic Organizational Planning, Employee Relations, Organizational Development, and Recruitment and Retention.

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Graduation Ceremony of HR Academy in Pristina, Kosovo

Graduation Ceremony in Creative Hub Kosovo


Job Fair, December 2019

Job Fair organized for our students, an event for networking with companies


HR Transformation Summit, August 2020

Hosted virtually, the HR Transformation Summit was a full-day, five-session event with speakers from General Electric, Santander Bank, Banca Intesa, Endava, and other companies from various European countries.

The sessions were afterwards exclusive only for the students of the HR Academy.


Visiting lecture with Nevena Stanisavljevic, founder HR World, Serbia, April 2020


Visiting lecture with Norik Selimi, founder


Graduation Ceremony. HR Academy

Official Graduation ceremony and celebration at Hotel Park


HR Event, Entry and Exit Interview, December 2019

An event with psychologist Marija Koneska, former HR Academy student, on the psychological tactics that should be used in the process of recruitment.


HR Event “ Presentation of HR Strategy “ and first Graduation Ceremony

Organized in the Cinematique of Macedonia, the first group did a presentation of an HR Strategy with all the aspects of it in front of the audience, after which followed the first graduation ceremony.


HR Saturday, Event for the HR Industry, November 2018

Hosted in Hotel Park & Spa, the HR Saturday was a full-day event with industry professionals from the HR industry organized by the HR Academy of Creative Hub.

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5 Months (72 lecturing hours)

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