Graphic Design Academy

This Academy is the right choice for all those that want to express their creativity! The Graphic Design Academy of Creative Hub is a program that offers not only technical preparation through the Adobe programs but also creative expression through the multiple campaigns on which students are offered to work during the Academy. It will not only give you skills but a direction in your career through the partnership that we have with international institutions such as Miami Ad School, where our students can continue their career after graduation.

We don’t teach you to become a graphic designer; we show you how to be a Creative Director and do one of the most creative and unique jobs on Earth.

Although you are just a student, through the multiple exhibitions that we organize, we will give you the opportunity to express your ideas and have them published so that you can feel proud of yourself. Check out everything that we have done in the Students & Projects section.

A paid internship is also included!


Switching careers has never been so easy!

It doesn’t matter which field you come from or what age you are, if you are passionate about it and you focus your time and attention, you will gain the right skills to start a career in Graphic Design. It is easier when you learn from experts on the job. We have gathered top professionals to guide you and share their knowledge with you.


Interactive online program or in person

The program is available both online and in person. For the interactive online program, students get a link to join prior to every class. The benefit of the online program is that it is available wherever you are. If you missed a class, don’t worry, as you will also receive a video recording. These video recordings in the online program also help you go back and re-watch the same class again.


Guaranteed knowledge

Through the years we have had multiple cases with students where sometime they have too much work and therefore miss some of the classes. Don’t worry. Come attend the Academy again. We will give you the opportunity to take the Academy one more time for free. Here at Creative Hub, we vow to you that you will learn!
There will never be a student who can say, “I didn’t learn here.” This is our promise to you!


What will my job title be?

You will start as Graphic Designer, but we hope that you will grow into Art Director or Creative Director.


Partnership network & events

Our goal at Creative Hub is not only to give you the skills from our experienced lecturers but also to connect you with peers in the Advertising industry. Apply for Golden Drum, Cannes Lions, or other advertising festivals.

We are a community of designers, and we connect you with the world.

  • Good and bad examples of photography
  • Good and bad examples of photo editing from local people
  • Short history of photography
  • Anatomy of a camera
  • Temperature, saturation, color, etc.
  • Elements of a photo studio
  • Mobile photography
  • Organization of the photography space
  • Creating “deepness” effect in photography
  • Creating “motion” effect in photography
  • Simplifying the background with focus of the object/model
  • Portrait photography – tips and tricks for better portrait photography
  • Photo shooting in studio – practical part
  • Analysis of the homework and photography shoots


Adobe Photoshop
  • Basic elements and concepts in Graphic Design
  •  Development of a final design portfolio
  •  Learning the art board in Adobe Photoshop
  • Work with layers
  • Correction and improvement of digital photo
  • Masks and channels
  • Techniques of vector draw
  • Computer animations
  • Portfolio creation


Adobe Illustrator
  • Learning the art board in Adobe Illustrator
  • Techniques of selection of vector graphics
  • Creation and recoding of forms and objects
  • Transformation of objects
  • Colors and palette
  • Typography design
  • Work with layers
  • Implementation of elements and styles
  • Creation of portfolio


Adobe InDesign
  • Learning the types of paper
  • Analysis of magazines with different themes and concepts
  • Defining the starting parameters for a new document
  • Learning the art board and the tools of Adobe InDesign
  • Layouts
  • Master pages
  • Import of text & graphic
  • Work with charts
  • Text styles and paragraphs
  • Choosing the right color palette
  • Use of text
  • Drawing techniques
  • Effects
  • Interactive tools
  • Export of document
  • Advanced functions of print
  • Advanced functions of online publishing
  • Portfolio development


Advertising * Only for Macedonian Academy
  • Development of ideas and their concept on different media
  • Analysis of famous ads from advertising festivals
  • Analysis of concepts from Cannes Lions
  • Forming a concept and development of a creative thought
  • Making industry contacts
  • Reading briefs
  • Presenting of advertising ideas and exercises on how a “creative pitch” should look
  • Structure of advertising agency
  • Copywriting & creative portfolio


UX UI Design * Only for Macedonian Academy
  • Entry in UX & UI
  • Learning through design in program
  • UX Design Activities – create your UX portfolio
  • Outside of “easy to use” – measuring user experience
  • Structure of website and navigation – finding is the new doing
  • Design of interaction: simple rules for designing simple pages
  • Mobile app design
  • Prototyping
  • Export
  • Handoff
  • Exercises and final project


Branding * Only for Macedonian Academy
  • Introduction to branding
  • Discovery & analysis overview
  • Mission, vision, and value of brand
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality
  • Project, presentation: “Where do you want to go?”


Typography * Only for Macedonian Academy
  • History of typography
  • Creating your first font
  • Publishing your first font


Print Materials Production * Only for Macedonian Academy
  • Introduction and basics of print
  • Learning different techniques of print
  • Phases prior to print, production, and work
  • Pantone colors
  • Most common mistakes when creating print files
  • Learning different types of materials and their use
  • Visit of a print studio and printing a real project


After Effects * Only for Albanian Academy
  • Start with After Effects
  • Creating basic animation with use of effects
  • Text animation
  • Work with forms
  • Work with masks
  • Animation with multimedia presentation
  • Animation of layers
  • Puppet tool
  • Roto Brush tool
  • Color correction
  • Use of 3D functions
  • Work with 3D Camera Tracker
  • Visualization and finalization
  • Project


Adobe Premiere Pro * Only for Albanian Academy
  • Start with Premiere Pro CC
  • Configuration of a project
  • Entering media
  • Organizing media
  • Basics of video editing
  • Work with clips and markers
  • Advanced techniques of video editing
  • Clips in motion
  • Video editing with many cameras
  • Adding video effects
  • Correction of colors and use of Speed Grade
  • Creating titles
  • Project management
  • Exporting photos, clips, and sequences
  • Final project


Social Media
  • Facebook advertising
  • Objectives
  • Targeting
  • Creating Ads

In Albanian Language


• Riard Rexhepi in

Founder and Creative Director at Elunas Marketing. More than 8 years of experience in the visual design industry.


• Anisa Ceta in

CEO at Digital Head Tirana, more than 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry.


• Vullnet Limani in

Founder of GoldFinger, Android Developer, video producer, and visualist.


• Besar Iljazi in

CEO at KUBIKS, skilled in animations, illustrations design, and visual branding.


• Gramoz Bosnjaku in

Gramoz Boshnjaku is currently engaged in the company Zero Positive part of Publicis Group in the capacity of Digital Artistic Director. He has almost 12 years of experience in the field of digital creative art. He has worked for various marketing companies.


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Campaign “ Against Women Violence “ project of the students of the Graphic Design Academy November 2020

The Campaign was done together with Intermezzo Music Bar, Magna Sken Print, Zenski magazine, and PowerAD. The students, under the mentorship of lecturer Martin Trajanovski, created the campaign. The campaign was published on social media, digital portals, as well as on a billboard in front of Intermezzo Music Bar.

→ Read More


Exhibition with NLB Bank, at NLB Gallery , october 2019

→ Read More

Students were doing “Black & White” Photography Exhibition at NLB Gallery under mentorship of Martin Trajanovski.

→ Read More


Job Fair, December 2019

Job fair organized for our students, an event for networking with companies. Our student Tamara Donkova was hired by Publicis Groupe at this fair.

→ Read More


Exhibition, Javna Soba, February 2020

Exhibition with the students of the Graphic Design Academy.

→ Read More


Visiting Leture with Ana Hoxha, Art Director in Ogilvy TIrana


MasterClass with Alessandro Capoccia, photographer for Vogue Italia, Skopje 2019

Invited by Creative Hub, Alessandro Capoccia did a 1-day MasterClass with the students of Creative Hub Graphic Design Academy. All the students had to present a photo they previously worked on and they received feedback on it.


Exhibition of students in Cinematique of Macedonia, may 2019

Students presented their portfolios and final designs during the annual exhibition.

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 Visit of Polyesterday Print & Graphic Center

Students visited the largest print studio in the Balkans so they could see how the print process works.

→ Read More


Visiting Lecture with Pavle Mirolajski, Chief of Print at Polyesterday March 2020


Visiting Lecture with Akash Mehta, Digital Marketing Director at Dior, May 2020


Tamara Curic, the first student accepted in Miami Ad School

Tamara Curic is a young girl from Kumanovo who, during her last year of Bachelor studies, was attending the Graphic Design Academy. Through the partnership that we have with Miami Ad School, she managed to sign up for the Art Director Program and now lives in Berlin and is working on her art director career with brands such as Facebook, Google, and Tesla.


Joana Donkova, interned remotely for Aunt Flow, New York, Forbes under 30 company

Through the Forbes Under 30 partnership network, we manage to give opportunities to our students to intern with international companies.


Elena Cvetanovska continued her education at the University of Fine Arts in Slovenia after the Graphic Design Academy in Creative Hub.


Mid-term Project: Creathon 2019, Redesigning 5 companies

On December 10th, we welcomed the guest lecturers from the University of Fine Arts and organized a 4-hour workshop in which the students of the Web Design and Graphic Design Academy presented the projects in front of the lecturers Barbara Prodan and Jure Miklavc, and they participated in a design thinking workshop which was held at Innofeit.

On December 11th, 2019, we concluded the final presentation of the Creathon project, which was held at the Europe House. At the event the five projects from the 15 students from the Academy of graphic design and the Academy of Web design of Creative Hub were presented as well as presentations from Barbara Prodan and Jure Miklavc from the University of Fine Arts from Ljubljana, the Slovenian Ambassador Milan Jazbec and the EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar.

During the 45-day Creathon, 15 students from Creative Hub alongside 5 students from the University of Information Technology and 10 mentors from Creative Hub worked on helping five companies which are promoting cultural tourism to improve what they offer.

The students worked on improving the design, the logo, the website, the marketing offer, the branding, and the packaging design of the companies. All of these, as well as the final products, were presented at the final event.

This project was also presented in front of the Ministries Summit 17+1 as a successful project of bilateral cooperation between the Embassy of Slovenia, the University of Fine Arts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, and Creative Hub.

→ Link 1

→ Link 2

→ Link 3


Mia Vujadinovik was taken as intern in Creative Hub, she was working together with the graphic team on content creation.

Here are some of the photos for the interviews she did

€2,000 1.000 ( + Apply for 1000 EUR Grant)

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7 Months (160 lecturing hours)

Pay on 15,24,36 or 50 installments




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Assistance with Job Placement after the Academy


International Certificate + Diploma Supplement with ECTS Credits

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