Digital Marketing Academy

In 6-8 months you will learn how to deal with marketing challenges in the digital world and gain the most sought-after digital skills at the moment. It will help you to start a career in one of the best companies or to develop a great marketing strategy for your own business or the company in which you work.


Why is Creative Hub’s Academy the best place to learn marketing?


  • You will learn through practical work on real campaigns for famous companies
  • You will learn from the most famous and experienced domestic marketing experts
  • You will have the opportunity to be employed in one of the companies we work with
  • You will create a complete marketing strategy for a real company and present it
  • You will be part of a community made up of people like you, constantly open to help and cooperation.

Switching careers has never been so easy!

Doesn’t matter which field you come from or what age you have, engaging in digital marketing is a fun job and probably one of the easiest to learn.


Guaranteed knowledge!

Through the years we have had multiple cases with students where sometimes they have too much work and therefore miss some of the classes. Don’t worry. Come attend the Academy again. We will give you the opportunity to take the Academy one more time for free. Here at Creative Hub, we vow to you that you will learn!
There will never be a student who can say, “I didn’t learn here.” This is our promise to you!

What will my job title be?

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist.

Partnership network & events

Our goal at Creative Hub is not only to give you the skills from our experienced lecturers but also to connect you with peers in the Digital Marketing world.


Marketing Basics
  • You will master the basic concepts in marketing. We will talk about positioning, buyer persona, segmentation, targeting.


Intro to Digital Marketing
  • You will learn how digitalization has changed marketing with detailed measurement capabilities and concepts like remarketing, and lookalike targeting.


  • You will learn how to write a copy that will best promote your product or service to as many people as possible.


Lead Generation
  • You will learn how to create a lead collection campaign, how to create a good landing page and set up e-mail automation.


Social Media Marketing
  • You will learn how to get potential customers to come to your channels on their own with quality and relevant content.


Email Marketing



Google Ads
  • You will learn how to create ads that appear on Google search engine, banners, and YouTube ads.


Paid Ads
  • You will master the creation of well-targeted and placed ads for Facebook and Instagram, how to follow and optimize the results.
  • You will find out what it takes for your website to rank among the top Google search results for a particular keyword.
Digital Marketing Strategy
  • You will learn how to create a successful marketing strategy and how to determine the channels, activities and tools you will use.


Content Creation
  • You will learn how to transform your ideas into resonant stories that engage with your customers.
Final Projects
  • You will create and present a complete marketing strategy for a real brand under the mentorship of the instructors from the Academy.


In Albanian Language


• Ina Limani in

Digital Marketing expert certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads, with years of experience in different markets and industries and a Master of Science degree in Marketing Management. Also proficient in Search Engine Optimization and Facebook Advertising.


• Benjamin Kolenovic in

Founder and CEO at Growzillas, specialized Digital Marketing Agency, with more than 8 years of experience in the field of digital.


• Valentina Gara in

Experienced Public Relations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry. Skilled in Translation, Corporate Communications, Risk Management, Client Orientation, Corporate Image, and Presentations.


• Valon Ibraimi in

More than 10 years of experience in marketing within big corporations in management positions. Head of PR at New Moment, New Ideas Company.


• Riard Rexhepi in

Founder and Creative Director at Elunas Marketing. More than 8 years of experience in the visual design industry.


• Donika Zendeli in

Head of Marketing, Team Lead at Hyperight AB, Hyperight Data Club, Data Innovation Summit, Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit, Data 2020 Summit, Maintenance Analytics Summit, Nordic People Analytics Summit, and Nordic Women and Data Summit.


• Anisa Ceta in

CEO at Digital Head Tirana, more than 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry.


• Shqipron Sezallari in

Digital and Performance Marketing specialist with a background in Computer Science. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, Shqipron is currently the Head of Product Development as well as the Lead of E-commerce Digital Marketing at Gjirafa, Inc.


• Leke Berisha in

Leke Berisha is a passionate SEO specialist. Leka has helped various international companies increase revenue and organic reach through search engines.

Do you want to see how the classes look like?

Maybe join a class or speak with the mentors?

Hit us up and we will schedule a meeting and enrol you for free if we have an active group or we will send you video recordings from sample of classes or webinars.


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Mid-term Project: Fundraiser

The students of the Digital Marketing Academy in Creative Hub Kosovo used all the marketing skills that they learned for a mid-term project creating a fundraiser in order to help children in need. You can donate clothes, shoes, or food. We will bring all the donations together to the Red Cross.


Mid-term Project: Kosovo Banking Association

In this project, two students, both from the Academies of Creative Hub, joined forces: Anesa Besimi, from Kosovo, student at the Academy of Digital Marketing, and Megi Ceca, from Tirana, student at the Academy of Graphic Design.



Evliana Behrami, Account Executive at Pi Communications

Intensive Digital Marketing Academy Kosovo,  2020

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Etnik Krasniqi, Social Media Specialist at ASHA Agency

Digital Marketing Academy & Account Management, 2020

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Drin Arifi, Co-founder Kutiza LLC

Digital Marketing Academy & Account Management, 2020

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Eren Ali, student at  IBU

Digital Marketing Academy & Account Management, 2020

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 1.000 €

The next group starts on May 15th!

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Finish this academy and we will assist after completing the course

6-8 Months

2-3 times per week, 2 hours per day.

162 hours

Pay on 15,24,36 or 50 installments




Online Preparation Period 


Assistance with Job Placement after the Academy


International Certificate + Diploma Supplement with ECTS Credits

Z CPD certificate