Hiring Platform

Why companies benefit from our platform

You will access talent that invests in self-growth for a 0% fee.

Contact our office and learn more about the “hiring through project” opportunities that we have with our partner companies.

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, from entrepreneurs to corporations. We have hand-picked the best Albanian experts from Kosovo, Austria and the US.

Through our hiring platform you can access ready-to-work talent from anywhere at any time. If our students have “Open to work” mark on the right top of their professional profile don’t hesitate to contact them now.

Our students are divided into categories by experience and by purpose.Click the profile of each student and you will get this information on their profile card.

Our platform is completely free for our hiring partners and has the purpose to help our students find internships, land on freelance projects or get a job.

All our students have their email address displayed on their profile.

Please us contact@creativehubkos.com .

Why students benefit from our platform

Contact us by email or phone and we will arrange this for you.

Yes, the platform is free and all of our Academy students can use it regardless if they are looking for a job, internship or a freelance opportunity.

We are sorry this platform is ONLY available for students of Creative Hub Academies.

Yes. A lot of companies are looking for entry level students. With or without experience your chance of finding a job or internship are higher if you have your profile displayed on our platform.

As you know we collaborate with a large number of companies from all over the world. Displaying your skills on the platform will increase your chances to be connected with companies and maybe do part-time or remote work.

The platform will get upgraded in various versions. Having your CV on your profile speaks more about you and gives opportunities to employers to learn more about you.

As you know we have 3 campuses and we collaborate with a large number of companies from all over the world. The platform is created in English to help you land opportunities in the global market as well on the local market.

Yes. Although you haven’t graduated you never know when opportunity might rise. 80% of our students found a job during the Academy.