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OUR STUDENTS & ALUMNI                      OUR STUDENTS & ALUMNI                       OUR STUDENTS & ALUMNI                        OUR STUDENTS & ALUMNI                        OUR STUDENTS & ALUMNI

“E mira e këtij programi është që ligjëruesit kalojnë nga teoria në praktikë na ndihmojnë shumë shembujt e përditshëm që merren gjatë programit kështu që besoj që do të jetë shtysë e madhe në karrierë për mua në këtë drejtim.”

  • PROJECTS                      PROJECTS                        PROJECTS                        PROJECTS                        PROJECTS

    Future-proof your knowledge and add to your CV the practical projects that you will make on the Academy. We partner with companies to create joint projects, but we also do inter-Academy Hakathons where students from different Academies join as teams and create tech tools.


    Throughout the Academy our Hiring Advisor Edonisa will follow your performance and together with the lecturers she will give you constant feedback. We partner with more than 100+ companies from Pristina and the region. Our Hiring through Project’s Model means that all our students get constant invitations to participate in projects and win an internship or job spot at the partner company.

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    Company feedback

    “CreativeHub ka sjellë një frymë të re në Kosovë që po j'u mundëson të rinjëve të aftësohen në në nga fushat më të rëndësishme të teknologjis, Data Science.
    Unë besoj që studentët e Creative Hub do jenë ndihmesë e madhe në sjlelljen e ideve të reja dhe analizimin e të dhënave qe ne i posedojmë në eCommerce.”

    Valon Xhafa
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    Hackaton with the Greek marketing Agency George Kapernaros

    Hackathons and real projects with our partner companies motivate students and are a real method of testing knowledge.
    After graduating from the Academy of Digital Marketing, students had the chance to present their knowledge through several digital solutions for a task set by our partner company - marketing agency George Kapernaros. The winner of this hackathon started working as a digital marketer at George's marketing agency.

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    Company feedback

    “Argjira is very proactive and self-motivated young woman. She was the first student that started as Intern in XYZ.
    After Argjira we took 3 more students to join our team. We believe in collaboration and development of young people and this is why we partner with Creative Hub.”

    -Festim Bajgora
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    Company feedback

    “Aida maintains a very positive attitude at work and very quickly has built strong relationships with others at work. She has a very good understanding of the duties and responsibilities assigned to her position. Recently she is able to take on challenges under the pressure of high workload. She is articulate and persuasive in presenting her opinion.”

    -Arta Koka Grubi



    COMMUNITY                      COMMUNITY                       COMMUNITY                        COMMUNITY                        COMMUNITY

    Speed networking with our students

    In Creative Hub we believe that social skills are equally important as technical knowledge. Once a month you will be invited to our monthly “Meet & Greet” event with students of other Academies. Here you can practice Speed Networking, meet new people and practice your professional presentation.

    Become part of a life-long large online community

    Live in Kosovo but be connected to a network of people & opportunities!
    The biggest advantage for our students is that once they join they become part of a global Slack community with students and lecturers from all around the world.
    The Creative Hub network gives you opportunity to meet new people, share projects, ideas, participate in gatherings, events, sports staff, collaborate, build join projects or find co-founders.

    EVENTS                      EVENTS                       EVENTS                        EVENTS                        EVENTS


    Studying is one part of our program. but learning from the experiences of successfl people is equally important. Here you can see only part of the events that we have organized for our students with local and global guest speakers.
    Network, network, network!

    12 Webinars about marketing

    12 Days of Marketing

    The Digital Marketing Academy at Creative Hub invited people from the region to 12 days of inspiring marketing sessions.
    As a brand, we want to give our students not only the best curriculum and the ability to learn from professionals from across the region, but we also want to serve as a community.
    Whenever you think of a network of Albanian-speaking merchants from all over the region, Creative Hub is the place to connect with them.

    Webinar - Festim Bajgora

    How to Start a New Career in

    These were the main points covered during the webinar: Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy and Positions Internship and Average Salaries in Digital Marketing To start a marketing career, most people usually go into a practice to learn the basics and increase their marketing skills.


    HR Virtual
    Transformation Summit

    In 2020 we organized the first virtual “ HR Transformation Summit “ with speakers from Spain, UK, Romania, Albania, North Macedonia..
    This one-day event was a unique networking experience for our students and opportunity to learn from panel discussions led by some of the Balkan’s leading HR experts.

    Visiting Lecturer

    Visiting Lecture with Alex
    Strategist at Google

    Alex from Google was a guest lecturer at the Academy of Digital Marketing. He shared how he got a job at Google and what it was like to work there. He also shared his experience as a strategy specialist for small and medium-sized companies and pointed out why it is important to invest and believe in yourself.


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